React.js, Appwrite, HTML/Sass, AWS, and Cloudflare
Blahgenda is the winning submission to HackUMass X in the category Best Use of Appwrite. It's a calendar and scheduler designed to maximize efficiency and glanceability while remaining beautiful. I worked on styling, UI/UX, and implementing features and the flow of the page, and learned a lot about React.js, and about working collaboratively in an intense, crunch-time environment.

My Personal Website

2017 - now
JavaScript, HTML/Sass, Git, Linux, Cloudflare
My personal website (this website) displays current projects, my programming and photography portfolios, and my contact info. It allows me to experiment with and learn web development, Linux server hosting, and Git version control. It is currently hosted on Cloudflare.


Godot Engine, GDScript
Artemis is a 2D space shooter that was my solo submission to Game Off 2020, a month-long game jam with the theme "moonshot". In Artemis, you control a ship that flies around shooting lasers at enemy ships and try to survive for as long as possible. To my surprise, this game was actually really fun to play, and I recieved a lot of good feedback on it. Feel free to try it yourself! This was one of my first projects that wasn't web-based, as it was made in the Godot Engine using GDScript (somewhat similar to Python).

Beat Coronavirus!

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
Beat Coronavirus! is an educational web-based game submitted to a 24-hour hackathon. This was made during the first few months of the pandemic with the goal to teach younger kids ways to stay safe during the pandemic using a fun, interactive game.

Artificial Intelligence I-Search Website

HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
This was a website I built in 8th grade as the multi-genre portfolio for my research project on AI. My idea for this website was to have a fictional persona present my findings in the form of fictional articles, interviews, and blog posts, rather than just glue pieces of paper to a poster board, which was what everyone else was doing. Note that this was created in 2018, before ChatGPT and the general boom of AI in 2023, so many of these ideas are no longer current. This was one of the first full websites that I built.